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Book on Post-Tensioned Buildings; design and construction


Design Examples of Post-Tensioned Structures


Post-Tensioned Buildings; Basics; Design; Detailing; Construction

Post-Tensioned Bridges

Plate Analysis and Design

Vibrations and Waves

Ship Plates Analysis and Design

Curriculum Development in Engineering Education

Book on Post-Tensioning, currently available

Sample pages of book on “Post-Tensioned Buildings; Design and Construction”

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Other bookson Post-Tensioning and Plate Design currently out of print

Aalami, B. O., and Bommer A. “DESGIN FUNDAMENTALS OF POST-TENSIONED CONCRETE FLOORS,” Post-Tensioning Institute, Phoenix, AZ, April 1999

  • Translated and published in Korean
  • Translated and published in Croatian

Aalami, B. O., and Williams, D.G., THIN PLATE DESIGN FOR TRANSVERSE LOADING, John Wiley, USA, 1977, and Crosby Lockwood, UK, 1975.

Williams, D.G. and Aalami, B., DESIGN OF THIN PLATES UNDER EDGE COMPRESSION, Crosby Lockwood, UK, 1979.