Forthcoming seminars / workshops

As part of an ongoing commitment to the global structural concrete design community, and the advancement of the application of post-tensioning technology, Bijan has made the educational and practical seminars one of his principal professional activities. Over the last thirty odd years, design engineers in many parts of the word in Latin America, Asia, Far East, Europe, Middle East and North America have enriched their practice through the workshops and practical design courses offered by Bijan either in collaboration with ADAPT or local organizations. Click here for the list of cities.


Apart from ad-hoc courses and seminars through ADAPT, there are regular yearly short courses offered in London in collaboration with Imperial College.

Post-Tensioning Seminar in London

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Imperial College London

Post-tensioning Design and Construction –
A two-day educational and practical seminar
With an optional hands-on training workshop

Imperial College London

ASCEAmerican Society of Civil Engineers look for courses on post-tensioning and vibrations