Forthcoming seminars / workshops

Our customers have successfully relied on ADAPT software and services to more productively and accurately design hundreds of bridges and millions of square feet of buildings, resulting in fewer errors, improved quality and accuracy, and better projects overall. We provide a wide range of reliable and easy-to-use structural analysis software solutions for the design of building and bridge structures; these include ADAPT-PT, RC, FELT, PULT, BUILDER suite, Modeler/3D, Floor Pro, SOG, MAT and ABI.


Seminars / workshops outlines

PT-Structures/ADAPT seminars and workshops are targeted toward enabling the participants to become conversant and efficient in the structural design of concrete floor systems, in particular post-tensioning. The workshops are geared toward design of practical structures; or application of ADAPT software to design. The seminars cover the underlying concepts and their application to practical design. Many thousands of concrete design engineers worldwide have participated in ADAPT/PT-Structures seminars and workshop over the last 25 years.


Training tailored to your needs

Apart from seminar and workshop programs that have proven to be effective over the years, PT-Structures stages seminars and workshops tailored to the requirements of the clients. These can focus on specific projects of the client, such as design of a transfer plate, or mat foundation, or a segmentally constructed bridge. The training can take place at client’s premises, or in San Francisco Bay Area at PT-Structures headquarters.


Past seminars / workshops