Dr Bijan Aalami

A practicing structural engineer and software developer, Dr. Bijan Aalami, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at San Francisco State University, is an internationally renowned educationalist and leader in the analysis and design of concrete structures with specialization in post-tensioning. A native of Iran, he graduated from University of London (Imperial College), held positions as professor and Vice-Chancellor of Arya-Mehr (now Sharif) University, followed by appointment as professor of Civil Engineering at San Francisco State University .

Professor Bijan has made decisive contributions to the understanding, behavior and design of post-tensioned buildings and bridges. Bijan was recognized as the first Life Member of the Post-Tensioning Institute, for his decades of contribution to the post-tensioning industry. A member of the former Imperial Academy of Sciences in Iran, a Life Member of ASCE; honorary member of the Argentine Institute of Structural Engineers, he has been holding educational courses on design of concrete buildings and bridges throughout the United States, Canada and over 35 other countries worldwide. Bijan is a Chartered Engineer in the UK, and a registered Structural Engineer in California. He received the American Concrete Institute’s Design Award for the “application of advanced engineering to a notable concrete structure.” In 2003, Bijan’s contribution to the industry was recognized through his initiation in the Hall of Fame of the Post-Tensioning Institute.

As a Principal of ADAPT Corporation – a structural engineering firm in California that specializes in design of concrete structures, and provides design software for consulting firms, Bijan has been actively engaged for over 35 years in the design and construction of numerous concrete buildings, bridges and special structures, in particular post-tensioning. A renowned world leader and teacher, Bijan has enriched the practice of thousands of engineers in North and Latin America, Far East, Europe and the Middle East. His extensive publications on concrete design, in particular post-tensioning, are a treasured resourcefor practical design of conventionally reinforced or post-tensioned buildings and bridges. Dr Bijan is the founder, and     for over 20 years was the project leader of the software suite ADAPT that is serving the concrete design engineers in over 75 countries worldwide.


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Dr Florian Aalami

Dr Florian Aalami With a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and both a master’s and doctoral degrees in construction technology from Stanford University, followed by over a decade of industrial practice in construction, software development and design of concrete structures, Dr Florian Aalami has been the focal point in spearheading ADAPT’s worldwide activities in providing practical software tools and structural engineering design expertise. With specialization in software development/application for concrete buildings and bridges, Dr Florian has been working closely with notable consultants and contractors worldwide, in providing the design tools and engineering services they have come to expect from ADAPT Corporation. As a faculty of many design courses, software workshops, and training sessions, Dr Florian has provided the software application and the know-how the consultants and contractors need to better succeed in their day-to-day work in design and construction of conventionally reinforced or post-tensioned buildings and bridges. Apart from leading the consulting activities of ADAPT Corporation, Dr Florian is now leading the development of ADAPT software system.